Why do our necks cause us problems so frequently?

The average head weighs between 8 and 12 pounds. The neck, including it's 7 vertebrae, has to
support and balance this. The thoracic spine has the rib cage and other structure to stabilize it. The
lumbar spine has much larger vertebrae and is stabilized, at least to some extent, by the thoracic and
pelvic structures.
The neck has to go it alone, being quite vulnerable to injuries, large or small.
Because of this vulnerability, as well as housing many critical nerves, blood vessels, and glands, the
neck can be quite guarded. Our bodies often protect us by immobilizing a part to protect it from injury.
This immobilization is tension that causes us pain.
The neck is also very vulnerable to stress. As we focus on stressful situations around us we tend to lose
touch with our bodies. Decreased awareness of the body impairs the bodies ability to keep us balanced
and comfortable.
To make things even worse the head and neck sit at the top of a pyramid so to speak. Any imbalance in
the body below the neck can quickly be experienced as in imbalance by the neck.

What can we do to help our necks retain balance?

When engaged in activities that take us away from awareness of your body, stop frequently for at least a
few seconds. Bring your focus back to your body and notice how it feels. Get up and move around a
little. The body doesn't like to stay in one position very long. Giving freedom to move and express it's
needs will help increase your body awareness. The body knows how to keep us balanced and
comfortable as long as we give enough of out attention.
Even a few seconds can work wonders.

For a quick, easy, highly effective exercise that can restore comfort and balance as well as improving
posture try the
The Desk Dwellers Stretch.

For chronic pain or acute injuries an Ortho-Bionomy session can restore your comfort and balance as
well as educating your body so that it stays in comfort longer.

Call for your appointment today.

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Neck Pain & Ortho-Bionomy
By Ric Chamberlin, LMT
I frequently do presentations of Ortho-Bionomy for groups. I
include a demonstration of the work on audience members,
addressing whatever issues they are noticing at the time.
Most of the time I get the same issue, neck and upper back
pain and tension.