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At Your Work Place:

For Productivity and Morale
Research tells it all!  
Employees which receive Chair Massage in the office experience:
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Concentration and Alertness
  • Increased Speed and Accuracy of Work
  • Pain Relief
See below for more about research.

As a Reward
Massage leaves a lasting impression. It’s better than lunch out!
For more "rewards" ideas see
Gift Certificates.

As a Health Incentive
Chair Massage is empowering. It gives your employees a tool on which to
build healthier practices. Make it a part of your Corporate Wellness or Stress
Management program.

Schedule a one-time Chair Massage event or
Make it a regular monthly (or weekly) session that your employees will look
forward to.
Your Employees Will Thank You!

At Your Special Event:
Add Chair Massage to your special event. Techniques can be customized to fit
your wellness promotion, special meeting, trade show, or corporate event.
Give attendees something beneficial to talk about long after the event. Show
appreciation for your clients or employees.

Research Tells It All:
Employees that receive Chair Massage show improved productivity and
wellness. The following research publication details the benefits:

    Int J Neurosci. 1996 Sep;86(3-4):197-205
    Massage therapy reduces anxiety and enhances EEG pattern of
    alertness and math computations.  Touch Research Institute, University
    of Miami School of Medicine, Florida 33101, USA.  PMID: 8884390

You can view a
summary of this paper by visiting the Pubmed research
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