Be All Ears - The Benefits Of Ear Massage
By Ric Chamberlin, LMT

Massage at The Healing Connection usually includes massage of the ears. This welcome technique is
often very stimulating. What most people don't think about is how easy it is to massage our own ears just
about anytime or anywhere. OK maybe not during a business meeting, definitely not while driving. But
there are so many situations where it is easy to reach the ears and give them two or three minutes of

Many people are familiar with reflexology. The massaging of the feet and hands reflexively stimulates
other regions of the body. The Chinese discovered that the ears have similar characteristics. Stimulating
the ears stimulates organs, tissues, and glands throughout the body.

Try this now. Don't wait for later. It's so easy to reach both ears at the same time. Simply rub the ears in
between your thumbs and index fingers. Start fairly vigorous. Increase in intensity as you go, just don't
hurt yourself. For the middle part of the ear that you can't get a hold of just press with your index
fingers. After two or three minutes stop and notice. You should feel a considerable warmth around the
area of the ears. This is due to increase blood flow and energy. Not only does this feel good but
circulation and energy are also being increased reflexively throughout your body.

Don't wait until you feel sore, tired, or unbalanced. Use this simple technique anytime throughout the
day. Not only do you get the benefits mentioned you also are giving yourself a much needed break, a
chance to return your focus to your body, returning to yourself.

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Ric Chamberlin
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