Fear of Pain and it's Effect on the Body
By Ric Chamberlin, LMT

When people are in my office for an appointment to work with some pain or tension pattern I often get
questions like "how did I get this way anyway?"
I explain how tension is the body's way of protecting us. For example if you trip and twist your ankle the
likely result is that the muscles around the ankle tighten up. The body perceived a threat of injury in the
tripping and twisting motions. Constricting the ankle is the body's way to immobilize the joint to avoid
further injury or pain.

This can be a good thing. The problem is that as we go on with our day we try to use the ankle like
normal. Trying to move against the tension causes pain. The bigger problem is that after the threat of
injury has passed the body often forgets to let go of the tension. Further as the body changes its
patterns of movement to compensate for constrictions in the ankle nearby areas can become stressed
and tension patterns develop there. Before long tension patterns exist throughout the body.

Our body's have a built in fear of pain. This is a healthy response to potential threats however it is

Where Does Ortho-Bionomy Come In?
Often our intellectual response to pain is to try to fix it. This often involves digging in and trying to put
things back where we think they should be. This might work, however very often our bodies reject being
forced anywhere, responding with even more tension.
Ortho-Bionomy takes the approach that if we just gently remind the body what it is doing the body will
recognize this and correct itself. This means, for example, slightly compressing an already contracted
muscle. This act of supporting what is already happening will actually make the body more comfortable.
The comfort sensation will show the body that the tension it is holding on to isn't really necessary and it
lets go.
Our bodies, in addition to having built in protective devices, also have self correcting reflexes. If given
enough information our bodies will keep us in comfort and balance.

Ortho-Bionomy gives just enough information to trigger our self healing reflexes.

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