Know Nature - A Path To Knowing Yourself
By Ric Chamberlin, LMT

"To know yourself is to know the Universe". This often used quote usually registers with a ring of truth
even if we don't contemplate it's depth. Knowing ourselves becomes a journey we feel we should be
taking, even when life's day-to-day activities make us too busy to start.
What about turning it the other way around? "
To know the Universe is to know yourself". Or since the
Universe is such an all inclusive, mysterious process, why not just say "
Know Nature, Know Yourself" ?

A big part of my practice at The Healing Connection is to help people gain awareness through their
bodies. When our body has awareness it can keep us in a comfortable, balanced state. It's when our
focus is away from our bodies, onto something else, like the computer screen in front of us, or worries
about finances, then our bodies slip into unnatural postures that cause us pain. We become so fixated
on the task we don't notice we are doing it in a way that is injurious to our body.

So Why Know Nature?
The facility that we use to look at ourselves closer is the same that we use to notice what's going on
around us. If we take time to notice the bird sitting on the power line or notice the quality of the sunlight
and the shadows it creates, we are triggering our own self awareness. When we notice what's around us
we naturally start to recognize our place in our surroundings.

Our relationship with our bodies is quite similar to our relationship with everything around us. When we
live in
Right Relationship with our surroundings we learn to live with greater ease in our bodies. It's not
something we have to try hard to do. It just takes a natural sense of curiosity, looking at things. Noticing
without judgement.

Likewise receiving massage or Ortho-Bionomy helps bring awareness to the body. In addition to less
pain we can increase our awareness of what's around us. It's a two way process. Increase one and you
increase the other. The result is more balance in our lives!

One of my favorite stories involves a client I had been seeing for sometime. She came in for an
appointment one day and said "I've been noticing a lot of unusual things lately".
"What I asked?"
"Well, for instance all the pigeons are lined up sitting on the power lines".
I smiled and said "They pretty much do that every year at this time. You're just now noticing it".

It's amazing how many simple things we can miss in our day-to-day lives. Just casting a little of our focus
to what's around us can help us find a level of comfort and balance we never thought possible.

What are you noticing today?

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