When I do presentations of Ortho-Bionomy I also bring my table and do a demonstration on a few
people so everyone can see what Ortho-Bionomy looks like. I always enjoy how after 3-5 minutes on the
table most people are so relaxed they say something like "I don't want to get up". This even though a
room full of people have been watching them.

Why is Ortho-Bionomy so relaxing?
Like with massage, touch can bring us back to ourselves. During our busy day we get goal oriented and
put our focus on what's in front of us that we want to accomplish. We tune out our bodies. Simple touch
brings our awareness back to our body and away from the causes of our stress. Because
Ortho-Bionomy includes gentle positioning that shows that body what it is currently doing, the effect is
greatly magnified. Returning to our body, freed from external stress our body is able to relax. Our brain
waves slow down to the point in between wakefulness and sleep. Our breathing becomes slower and
deeper. We enter the state I call "zoning out".  Most people experience this as a state of bliss.

Most of us are always, or nearly so, on guard against threats. When we get on the table for any kind of
therapy we often lay there anxious about what is going to be done
to us. The body actually tenses up
when it detects, or even suspects, a threat is coming. In this
on guard state it is hard to relax.
Because Ortho-Bionomy works with what the body is doing, never against, the time it takes to reach
deep relaxation is greatly increased. The body quickly gains a sense that no threats exist and it feels
safe. Relaxation happens quickly.

Although a lot of people start out receiving Ortho-Bionomy for pain or balance issues, after those issues
are resolved many keep coming back for the relaxation, centering, and sense of balance that it brings.

If you've never tried Ortho-Bionomy but have always been curious you can start with a free consultation.
We start with a health evaluation form. I do an assessment of your body's tension patterns, range of
movement, and balance. I discuss areas that Ortho-Bionomy may help with. I finish with a few minutes of
Ortho-Bionomy to give you an idea of what it is like.

For more information about Ortho-Bionomy see the
Ortho-Bionomy FAQ or visit the Articles Page.

Call or email today to schedule your appointment.

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Art by Jacqueline Bequette - ŠThe Healing Connection
Why Is Ortho-Bionomy So Relaxing?
By Ric Chamberlin, LMT
Most people that come to my office for Ortho-Bionomy do
so because of pain issues. Ortho-Bionomy is an excellent
tool for releasing tension and pain in a gentle, pain free
way. Staying within the individuals comfort level, awareness
is brought to the body allowing it to seek balance naturally
rather than through force.

One of the important side benefits of Ortho-Bionomy is that
it is very relaxing. More times than not within a few minutes
of getting on the table clients have closed their eyes and
their breathing changes to a slower, deeper level.