Spring—A Time of Renewal
By Ric Chamberlin, LMT

When March arrives our thoughts naturally turn to spring. The actual start of spring occurs during the
vernal equinox, on or about March 20th. It is at this moment that the Sun passes over the equator and
day and night are of equal length.

Perhaps more than any season spring is a time when we cast our gaze on nature. Thinking about spring
our thoughts turn:
  • From the bitter cold to the warming temperatures.
  • From short days to increased daylight.
  • From dormant plant life to buds that swell and then burst forth in flowers and leaves.
  • From hibernation to building homes and giving birth.

Spring is a time of
increased activity. It is a transition from:
  • Cold to hot
  • Dormant to active
  • Inward to outgoing.
  • From yin to yang.

The concept of
Yin and Yang comes from ancient Chinese Taoist thought which describes the
complementary opposites that make up the dual nature of the universe.
  • Yin is associated with the qualities of darkness, cold, interior, inwardness, passivity, receptivity.
  • Yang is associated with the qualities of light, heat, exterior, outwardness, activity, and movement.
All things, plants, animals, rocks, and of course people, are made up of both yin and yang properties.
Spring and summer can be thought of as primarily yang seasons, and fall and winter as yin.

Winter was a time for rest and preserving, quietude and introspection. A tree’s leaves are gone and the sap
moves deeper inside the tree to protect it from the cold. Our bodies naturally wanted to hibernate.
Just like the tree much of our energy is pulled deep inside.

During spring things start coming out of hiding. A tree's sap starts flowing freely again, drawing nutrients
from the earth. Dormant buds sprout flowers that are fertilized and grow fruit. Leaves grow and gather the
sun's energy.

In nature spring is a time of
germination and growth. Everything comes to life and is full of vitality. Spring
is a time of
renewal. This pattern plays out for people as well. Energy that has pulled deep inside our bodies
now starts moving to the surface. Our activity level increases with a preference for movement. Our
metabolism becomes more vigorous.
We move from the inward, introspective mode of winter to a more outward place as we gaze upon the
incredible growth and change taking place all around us.

Spring can be a time to cast off things like old emotions, anger, and unhealthy attitudes about yourself.
Spring is a time of hope.

What can you do to help facilitate this change?
  • Think about gently increasing your activity level. Walking is excellent and easy. Consider gentle
    movement activities like Tai Chi, Qigong, or Yoga.
  • Spend time outdoors. Become harmonized with nature. Open your senses and your heart. What do
    you notice? Gain an appreciation for all around you. Realize your place in the universe, a part of the
  • Don’t put away your scarf just yet. Spring winds can be injurious. Cover your neck with a scarf or
  • Try journaling. Examine your emotions and attitudes about yourself. Don’t judge what you notice,
    just notice. Be open to letting go of feelings and attitudes that may have once served a purpose but
    no longer do.
  • Cast off things like, anger, and unhealthy attitudes about yourself. These things can be replaced by
    opening our spirit to what’s happening around us. Spring is a time of hope.
  • Look at your diet. Spring is a great time to incorporate healthier eating habits. Consult your doctor
    or nutritionist before making major dietary changes.
  • Consider doing an herbal cleanse. There are a lot of ideas floating around about this. Consult a
    licensed medical herbalist before starting one.
  • Don’t forget your body. I always recommend that people tune into their bodies to gain awareness
    and facilitate self-healing. Spring is a great time to add more focus in this area. Massage and Ortho-
    Bionomy are excellent tools to help with this.
  • Consider initiating a sweat by visiting steam room or sauna. This can help remove toxins from the
    body. Or try a salt scrub. See the article Home Spa - Give Yourself a Salt Scrub on the Articles page  
    for more information.
  • Examine stress in your life. Be willing to make change where appropriate.

Most importantly always remember to…

Be Gentle With Yourself

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