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Summer - A Season Of Abundance
By Ric Chamberlin, LMT

The summer season  starts, officially, on or near June 21. Days become longer, the air warmer and
damper. If spring is a time of germination, growth, renewal, and an opening of the spirit, summer is a
time of abundance, maturity, creativity, and joy of spirit. It's a time for outwardness, increased activity
levels, and strengthening of relationships.

During summer a tree absorbs water and other nutrients from its root system in the earth. Sap is
produced which rises to the leaves which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and energy from
the sun. This combination of elements from heaven and earth provide food that is freely circulated
through the healthy tree and abundant fruit is produced. For trees, plants, animals, and humans alike,
the abundance of summer comes from the merging of energies of earth and sky.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes this blending of these energies (yin and yang) as well
as the importance of noticing what's happening in the natural world and being in harmony with it. In TCM
the body's organs each have their season. Summer is the season of the element fire and is the season
of the heart. The emotion associated with the heart is joy. An excess of joy can lead to overexcitement,
nervousness, longing, and craving.

During all seasons balance is an important key to wellness. During this season of abundance extra care
should be given to avoid excess that can upset our balance.

What can you do to make the most of summer and maintain balance during this season of

  • Enjoy outward activity. Our bodies are ready for increased levels of activity so take advantage of
    it. Plan that vacation you've been dreaming about. Gas too expensive? There are many places
    locally where you can take mini vacations. How about camping overnight, swimming, a picnic, bird
    watching, even a five-minute walk? Try new things. Do something you haven't done in a long time.
    It might be different this time.

  • Balance your outward activity with rest and replenishment. When you are doing more then your
    body needs more rest. No you're not too old to take a nap during the day. It's not a waste of time.
    Listen to your body. Give it what it needs.

  • Continue to spend time outdoors, opening your senses and your heart, noticing what you notice,
    and realizing your place in the universe. When possible schedule these times when the sun is
    lower in the sky and the temperature cooler. This would be early morning and early evening.
    During these times you can enjoy the benefits of being in sunlight without it being as injurious as
    during peak times of the day.

  • Use sunscreen when exposed to prolonged sunlight, especially between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
    Wear hats with wide brims.

  • Drink plenty of water. You sweat more in the summer so you need more water. Carry a bottle of
    water with you. Listen to your body about how much water it needs.

  • Strengthen relationships. Engage with others. Take what you learned during the times of
    inwardness and reawakening and apply it to your life. Make it a part of yourself. Own it. Know your
    heart. Reach out to others.

  • Balance time spent with people and your time spent in solitude. Take time to refill your bucket.

  • If you haven't already, figure out how to refill your bucket. Is it time in nature, resting, journaling,
    exercising? Try different things. Experiment. Be playful with yourself. Nothing has to be done in a
    certain way. Find out how something works for you. At The Healing Connection you can learn
    many simple self-care techniques that can increase your energy and reduce your stress. Big
    results can come from simple efforts.

  • With increased outward activity it's easier to tune out our bodies. When we don't listen to our
    bodies we open the door to increased stress, decreased energy flow, and increased chronic pain.
    Listen to your body to gain awareness and facilitate self-healing. Massage and Ortho-Bionomy®
    are excellent tools to bring awareness to the body, emotions, and spirit.

Most importantly always remember to…

Be Gentle With Yourself

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Art by Jacqueline Bequette - ŠThe Healing Connection
On this June day the buds in my garden are almost as enchanting as
the open flowers. Things in bud bring, in the heat of a June noontide, the
recollection of the loveliest days of the year - those days of May when all
is suggested, nothing yet fulfilled.
-  Francis King