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"Return To Comfort And Balance"

“Ric listens to his clients verbally, intuitively, and physically. It is
amazing to me, how he can hone in on just that one muscle or joint
that is tight or out of place. I highly recommend the Ortho-Bionomy
work that Ric does!”
TF - Real Estate Entrepreneur

"In 2000 I was struck by a car while crossing the street. Nothing
broken, but damage to my left hip. Months of Chiropractor and
Massage Therapy helped, but my hip would still lock-up painfully. I
was also working a retail job and on my feet 5-7 hours a day, giving
me low back pain and stiffness after sitting.
My Massage Therapist recommended I try Ortho-Bionomy with Ric.
After one 30 minute session, I had no more low back pain - ever!! I
was hooked! Now my hip no longer locks up, I only see my
Chiropractor every 2 months. I saw Ric monthly for one year and
now go every six weeks for maintenance. I recommend Ortho-
Bionomy to everyone!"
MH - Clerical Worker

"My experience with Ortho-Bionomy has been positive. I began
experiencing the effects of this treatment over a year ago when I
came to Ric Chamberlin with a pain in my left hip. I had been to a
specialist who wasn't sure if my problem was a muscle or a
dislocation of a joint. I found out about Ortho-Bionomy from a friend
and said "why not". Within a month of seeing Ric I felt so much
better and the pain I was experiencing had completely gone. All of
the work done for me is of a most gentle nature and I feel and work
so much better. To anyone who would ask me, I say "do give this a
AH - Teacher

" I was a walking time bomb! Really, really hypertensive, bad
headache, muscles in knots. STRESSED TO THE MAX.  I found Ric on
the internet, read what he offered, compared him to others, and
made an appointment. Peaceful and relaxing environment, highly
professional assessment and approach, skilled hands finding what
ailed my body muscles. The massage gave great relief to headache
and allowed me to stop one of three hypertensive drugs after one
session. You can bet, he will be permanently on my calendar."
RC - Retired RN

"My process of learning all began after I had sought help for my
physical ailments from Ric Chamberlin at the Healing Connection. I
had so many problems physically that I was desperate enough to go
out of the box. I experienced several years of the affects of early
menopause and my feet felt as if they were on pins as I walked. I
could no longer run due to my feet and hips. Ric began the process
by helping me reflect and see where I was within my body. Through
Ortho-Bionomy work my internal organs and muscles began to
respond healing, and usually within three days after a session the
pain was gone. I noticed my first healing as I began to run again.  I
found encouragement and hope. Don't be afraid to go out of the
DY – Financial Consultant

"Ric / Ortho-Bionomy has helped me reach a high level of well-being.
This has enabled me to deal with stress more effectively. Ric worked
on specific areas such as my back, neck, head, and chest. He
has “helped me” release my grief, sadness, anger, and frustration,
and as a result I don’t have constant back pain or migraines.
I am able to breath deeply, I am more agile and my digestive tract
works better!! My immune system fights off colds and flu quicker.
I highly recommend Ric and Ortho-Bionomy."
DD – Retired Office Manager

"As a Massage Therapist that has been practicing for over 13 years, I
am very impressed with Ric's knowledge, understanding and practice
of Ortho-Bionomy.  As a client I have greatly benefited from
his talents! In the past five years I had developed a chronic sciatic
problem due to an old ankle injury.
By the time I started seeing Ric, the situation had become extremely
painful and begin to effect my day to day physical performance  -
even though I had been getting my "Swedish" massages with my
usual Therapist.  It seemed like those session could only do so much,
and the pain was still there.  I even had  "deep tissue" massages,
which were beneficial, but very uncomfortable & painful.   Then I
had my first session of Ortho-Bionomy with Ric.  What a different
experience!!!   It was totally painless, I was able to relax completely
and I was actually pain free for quiet some time, following my
I have continued the Ortho-Bionomy sessions with Ric.  I feel like
these sessions have helped me to function at a hectic pace without
being slowed down by a shooting pain radiating between my hip and
ankle.  Thanks a million Ric - keep up the good work!"
BJ – Licensed Massage Therapist
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